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Katchy Insect Trap Review [Safe Insect Control?]

The Verdict
Katchy is a big improvement on traditional flying insect traps and doesn't have any of the gross factor most others do. It's ideal for mosquitoes, drain flies, and fruit flies, but not for house flies.
Ease of Use
The Good
Easy clean-up when changing traps
UV light helps lure in insects from a wide area
No chemicals or dangerous components
The Bad
Expensive compared to less sophisticated alternatives
Doesn't capture larger insects like flies
Bug Lord Rating

Dealing with flying insects around the home? The traditional ways to handle them aren’t very fun. You could hang sticky fly strips from your ceiling that leave the bug carcasses dangling for all to see. You might choose to chase a bug around with a fly swatter with the hopes of landing a good hit which will also smear bug guts all over your walls and windows.

Katchy Automatic Indoor Insect and Flying Bugs Trap, Fruit Fly Gnat...
  • Our fruit fly trap has a light to attract bugs and sticky glue boards they can’t escape
  • Our gnat trap fits perfectly in a home, kitchen, or office as a stylish accent
  • Simply set the indoor insect trap near fruit, trash bins, or plants

With Katchy, we have a new and modern option of dealing with flying insects that’s far superior to everything else. Katchy is an indoor insect trap that combines fan suction, attractive UV light, a sticky pad, and fashionable design to create a safe and sanitary solution to flying pests.

katchy insect trap review

Katchy is a powerful bug-catching device hidden in an aesthetically pleasing container. This one-stop bug catcher will attract any unwanted insects and sanitarily dispense of them. It uses an ultraviolet (UV) light, fan, and an internal sticky glue board to trap even the tiniest bugs. There is no annoying zapper and it is child-safe and non-toxic.

How Does Katchy Work?

katchy insect trap

Katchy attracts flies, mosquitoes, fruit flies, and other flying insects through multiple methods of attack. First, the trap uses the UV light to attract the insect. For this reason, it’s really most effective at night time with surrounding lights turned off. You want the Katchy light to be the brightest in the area so all the flying insects are attracted to it and can’t miss it.

Once they get close to the light, a fan sucks the bug into the trap. The bugs aren’t smart enough to figure their way back up out of the trap, plus the fan is constantly working against them.

Finally, there’s a sticky board at the bottom of the trap where the insects will land (or get blown directly into it from the fan). The bugs are now stuck for good and can’t move! This is similar to the sticky-tape that hangs from the ceiling, only it’s more hidden inside the device so it’s not as gross.

How Do I Use the Katchy Insect Trap?

The Katchy can be used anywhere where it won’t get wet and has a power source (it’s an electric device). It comes with a plug that you can use in a standard outlet, but you can also power it via USB.

katchy mode buttons

Most people will use the Katchy in their home, likely in the kitchen near their fruit. You should place it around wherever you’re seeing the most insect activity. You could also take the Katchy camping with you though, for your tent. It’s very portable so it would also be easy to take on vacation.

The trap works best with the lights off so the bugs are more attracted to the UV light. It has an automatic mode that uses a light sensor at the top of the unit so the UV light will only come on in the evening when the other lights are off.

katchy plug

Let’s take a look at the specifications:

  • Range: this trap covers an area of 320 square feet. The UV light draws the bugs in so it works best when its dark.
  • Trapping power: the three-level system uses the light to draw them in, the fan, which sucks them into the system, and the glue trap which holds them in place. The fan prevents them from having enough power to fly back out.
  • Quietness: the fan is the only source of noise and is relatively quiet. The fan does need to be powerful enough to keep the insects trapped so it resembles the sound of a normal fan. It isn’t entirely silent but it should be on par with a white noise sound.
  • Killing power: the glue paper trapping method is great for smaller insects. The vents at the top of the Katchy don’t allow larger bugs such as house flies or bees into the trap, so it won’t work on them.
  • Ease of use: this trap can be set manually or in automatic mode. It has a sensor that will allow it to automatically turn on at night. It is very simple to use and just needs to be plugged in and set on automatic mode to eliminate annoying household insects.
  • Safety: Katchy doesn’t use any chemicals or toxic substances, just a UV light, fan, and sticky board. This makes it safe to use anywhere in your house including the kitchen.

How Big is the Katchy?

This portable bug catcher is around 5 inches wide and 9 inches high. The great part about it is that it comes with a USB power source which allows you to bring this machine with you when you go in the car or camping. As long as you have a USB charging port, this mosquito catcher can go with you anywhere.

As for aesthetics. This attractive design will fit anywhere in your home without being distracting. It can be used in your kitchen, in an office, or on our outdoor patio. It is stylish enough to fit into your décor without looking like an ugly bug trap. It comes in white or black colors, but the UV light is always a purple-ish color.

Cleaning the Katchy Trap

The glue traps need to be cleared out once bugs cover the surface to ensure that it stays sticky. How often you do it depends on how many bugs you’re catching. Most people find they can go a month or more on one trap, unless they’re dealing with a serious infestation.

katchy push button

Replacing the glue trap is simple. You just press the release button on the side of the Katchy, and the bottom panel will drop open. From here, you could empty the glue board directly into your trash without ever having to touch it!

katchy trap open

Once that’s done, just put a new glue board into the device and you’re ready to go again. Replacement glue boards can easily be found on Amazon.

KATCHY Insect Trap 4-Pack of Refillable Glue Boards
  • PACK OF 4 GLUE BOARDS FOR KATCHY’S INSECT TRAP - specifically customized for KATCHY’s bug killer. Fruit flies, gnats...
  • SUPER STICKY - rest assured that even the smallest insects will be stuck on the board. You will be guaranteed visible...
  • EASY TO USE - just place one gluey pad on the bottom of KATCHY’s insect trap and remove the protective layer. Take out...

Who Should Buy a Katchy?

The Katchy is great for anyone dealing with mosquitoes, gnats, fruit flies, or drain flies in the home. It’s a better alternative to sticky tape traps or bug zappers as they’re safer and make less noise.

The main thing to keep in mind is the Katchy is only really effective at night, and won’t work on larger insects like house flies. If those are dealbreakers for you, then you may need to use something else like sticky tape.

katchy uv light

Also, trapping and killing flies isn’t always an effective long term solution. You should also look into the root cause of where the bugs are coming from and work on stopping them at the source.

Katchy Automatic Indoor Insect and Flying Bugs Trap, Fruit Fly Gnat...
  • Our fruit fly trap has a light to attract bugs and sticky glue boards they can’t escape
  • Our gnat trap fits perfectly in a home, kitchen, or office as a stylish accent
  • Simply set the indoor insect trap near fruit, trash bins, or plants

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Written by Wesley Wheeler

Wesley has over 10 years of residential and commercial pest control experience dealing with every kind of pest. He ran his own pest control company for 6 years and now shares his knowledge online.

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  1. The refill glue plates are unavailable! I have tried every website to no avail. Buyer beware! There are no replacement discs!

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