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Do Bed Bug Interceptors Work? [Read Before Buying]

Bed bugs are a primarily nocturnal pest that feeds on your blood while you’re dead asleep. If you’re living through this nightmare, then you know that getting quick relief from these itchy bed bug bites is a top priority.

You’ve probably heard of bed bug traps or “bed bug interceptors” while searching for relief during your bed bug infestation, but do bed bug interceptors work?

Bed bug interceptors are highly effective for preventing bed bugs from climbing up your bed to feed. Interceptors work by creating an accessible outer rim to help the bugs climb into a slick valley that traps the bed bugs. Once in the smooth valley, the bugs are unable to climb up the leg of your bed.

Bed bug interceptors are a crucial part of any effective bed bug treatment plan. These products can help you sleep easier at night by knowing that any hiding bugs will not be able to climb into the bed.

Since much is misunderstood about how these products work and their effectiveness, this guide will tell you everything you need to know about bed bug interceptors. 

What Are Bed Bug Interceptors?

Bed bug interceptors are both a trap, monitoring tool, and preventative product used to keep the insects out of a treated bed.

Bed bugs are skilled at hiding to avoid detection. The bugs will sometimes choose to hide in other areas of the bedroom separate from the bed. These can include underneath nearby furniture and behind baseboards and walls. 

Virtually any crack and crevice in the bedroom that is dark and undisturbed can harbor bed bugs. The first step to getting instant relief from bed bug bites is treating your mattress and box spring with an impenetrable mattress encasement. This means bed bugs can no longer find cracks in your mattress or box spring to live in, and they can’t escape if they’re already inside.

The next treatment to prevent bed bug bites is adding bed bug interceptors which prevent bed bugs from climbing up the legs of your furniture. 

Since bed bugs cannot fly or jump, they have to crawl and climb. When you’re asleep, you give off carbon dioxide and body warmth which is what attracts the bed bugs to your bed.

Interceptors let you continue to be “the bait” that the bed bugs are seeking out, but they trap the bed bug before they can reach you.

Interceptors are also an important part of monitoring an ongoing bed bug infestation. Check the interceptors every morning to see if you still have bed bugs. The interceptors are completely passive and don’t need to be replaced, so you can really install them once and leave them there forever.

Do Bed Bug Interceptors Really Work?

Yes, bed bug interceptors have been studied and do work really well. Once in place, bed bugs cannot climb up a bed leg since they are trapped in the bottom of the interceptor. 

It should be noted that interceptors prevent bugs from climbing the leg of your bed, but they can’t keep bed bugs away that are already on your mattress that has been untreated.

Also, if you have other routes to your bed such as a headboard touching a wall or a bed skirt touching the floor, the bed bugs can get around the interceptors that way. You’ll want to make sure the only way a bug can climb up to your bed from the floor is bypassing the interceptors.

Bed bug interceptor devices are typically made of durable plastic that is lightweight and easy to install. The traps have a textured outer design pattern that aids the bugs in climbing up the outer wall and then drops into a smooth valley that bed bugs can’t climb out of.

Once the bugs fall to the bottom of the interceptor, some products may use a residue such as glue or talc powder to hold the bugs in place or make their legs slippery. The inner ring that holds the bed leg is usually designed in a way that is difficult for the bugs to latch their feet onto the ring and climb. 

Bed bug interceptors do not use bait since the sleeping human is the bait. This, therefore, makes interceptors a passive trap instead of a lure in their own right. This allows a person to sleep through the night and not have to worry about bed bugs crawling into the bed. 

Are Bed Bug Interceptors Effective at Clearing a Bed Bug Infestation?

Bed bug interceptors are one tool to be used in an effective bed bug treatment method. The interceptors alone aren’t going to be enough to clear an entire infestation.  

A secondary benefit of bed bug interceptors is monitoring. Once the bed has been fully treated and protected, any bed bugs hiding in other structures or areas of the room will still need to reach a host to feed. 

Every morning you can check the traps to see how many bugs are at the bottom and dispose of the bugs accordingly. This allows you to keep track of the infestation and determine if overall treatment procedures are working effectively. 

With this in mind, bed bug interceptors are unlikely to destroy a bed bug infestation on their own. Although the bugs will need to feed to reproduce, bed bugs have been known to remain dormant in hiding for as long as 16 months in some studies without the need for food. 

A full bed bug treatment plan should incorporate steam cleaning, pesticide dust, a mattress and box spring encasement, and bed bug interceptors all working in tandem.

How To Install Bed Bug Interceptors?

Bed bug interceptors are usually sold in a 4-pack- one interceptor for each bed leg. To install the interceptors, simply lift the bed leg and place the interceptor underneath the bed leg in the innermost ring. 

Keep in mind that if your bed frame is a different shape from the interceptor inner ring or, if your bed leg is just too large for the interceptor, the product will not work.

They do make “XL” sized interceptors that have an area of 7″x5″ which should accommodate most bed legs.

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If your bed frame uses a long slab of wood to hold it up, then you can try using tape instead of a bed bug interceptor. A strong double-sided tape should be enough to trap any bed bug that tries to walk up it.

The main downside of tape is it will be more difficult to check for activity since you’ll need to look under the bed, and getting rid of stuck bed bugs will be more difficult.

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Make sure that nothing is underneath the bed that can create a climbing bridge for the bugs. Remove the bed skirt if you have one and make sure that you keep all blankets and sheets tucked under your feet at night to prevent them from falling to the floor and creating a bridge. 

Bed bugs will use anything that allows them to reach the structure of the bed. Also, be sure to move the bed at least 1 foot from the wall and any surrounding furniture since the bugs may try and climb up the wall and fall into the bed. 

How Do I Clean a Bed Bug Interceptor? What Do I Do With Caught Bugs?

Cleaning a bed bug interceptor can be performed in several different ways. You just need to make sure the bed bug is dead so it can’t escape and further infest your home.

Do not just empty the bugs into the trash as this will just lead to the insects crawling out of the bag. Live bed bugs crawl and climb to reach a new host so this could potentially cause another person to bring the bugs home. 

Many people also flush the bugs down the toilet but there is no way to make sure the bugs drown if you do this as they can float.

At the bottom of the interceptor, you can place powder dust such as Diatomaceous Earth or Cimexa. These products cut the exoskeleton of the bugs so they die of dehydration. Make sure you refrain from using too much of the powder since this could help the bugs climb out of the interceptor. 

CimeXa Insecticide Dust
Active Ingredient: Silica Dust

CimeXa Dust is 100% Silica dust, is very safe, odorless, and will not stain. CimeXa Dust will last up to 10 years when applied to undisturbed areas like wall voids. It is very effective on bed bugs, fleas, and especially pyrethroid resistant bed bugs.

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Using a steamer on the bugs is the most surefire way to guarantee they are dead. Just applying hot steam for a few seconds will do the trick if you have a nice steam cleaner on hand.

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The Vapamore MR-75 Amico Hand Held Steam Cleaner is a portable steam cleaner that will clean and sanitize your whole home with just steam. It removes grease, grime, dirt and stains and will also get rid of all dust mites, germs, allergens and bed bugs.

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What Are The Best Bed Bug Interceptors?

Not all bed bug interceptors are of great quality. Be sure to purchase a durable set to hold the weight of a bed and not crack from the force of the bed leg. 

Let’s take a look at one of the best interceptors currently on the market. 

Eco Pest Bed Bug Interceptors

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Eco Pest Bed Bug Interceptors are great to choose from since the material of the interceptor is designed to hold even the heaviest of beds and furniture. The holding ring for the furniture leg is a 4-inch wide circle, and the XL size is a 7-inch by 5-inch rectangle.

The outer ring is designed to help bed bugs climb up and fall into the trapping ring which can be lined with DE powder or Cimexa dust to kill the bugs. Regardless of if you use powders are not, the traps ensure that bed bugs cannot climb up the edge of the ring that holds the furniture leg. 

These are sold in sets of 4 or 8 interceptors which are enough to protect one bed and an additional bed or piece of furniture. 


  • 24/7 bed bug protection
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Wide enough to hold a variety of furniture leg designs
  • Comes with 8 interceptors


  • Does not come with any pesticides

Final Thoughts

In summary, yes bed bug interceptors certainly work. You need to make sure you pick an interceptor that can hold the weight of your bed and will not crack. Additionally, it is important to remember that interceptors are only good for preventing bugs from crawling into a bed or onto a piece of furniture. 

Additional and widespread treatment procedures are necessary to fully eradicate the bugs from the home. 

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