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Ben’s Tick Fence Review [Does it Work?]

The Verdict
Permethrin is the #1 method for killing ticks, and Ben's Tick Fence is the only product on the market with a ready-to-spray formula for treating lawns. Incredibly easy and powerful tick killer, but at a slightly higher cost.
Ease of Use
The Good
Incredibly easy. No mixing concentrated chemicals.
Powerful spray wand makes application quick and efficient.
Permethrin is the #1 solution for killing ticks.
The Bad
Expensive when compared to concentrated versions of Permethrin.
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When it comes to ticks in your yard, there are potentially life-threatening risks at stake for both humans and pets. Ticks are a type of parasitic arachnids that live on animals by extracting their blood while attached to their skin. With more and more states becoming hotbeds for tick activity, homeowners are looking for methods on controlling tick populations and reducing their risk of exposure.

Ben’s Tick Fence is a barrier-activated pesticide that uses permethrin as the main ingredient to kill and repel ticks once they cross over the chemical. This ready-to-spray product is extremely effective as a barrier application and spot treatments while also being well-tolerated by dogs and humans. 

Effective treatments for ticks can be complicated since the parasites often prefer to hide and wait to attach to animals or people in moist, shady environments. By using a product like Ben’s Tick Fence, in addition to basic lawn maintenance, you can prevent tick infestations in your yard or your home. Read on to find out more. 

Ben's Tick Fence Tick Control Spray, 1 Gallon (Pack of 2)
  • Includes 2 bottles of Tick Fence Spray
  • Provides a perimeter of outdoor protection against ticks
  • Battery powered wand allows for easy application

What Is Ben’s Tick Fence?

Ticks are not typically an interior pest. This means that the parasites have to be brought in the home or more commonly, picked up by pets and humans while outdoors. For this reason, treatments for ticks on a wide scale are not always effective. This makes successful tick treatments more representative of prevention and repelling techniques. 

Because ticks wait on blades of grass, ends of bushes or branches, or on the tips of leaves for warm-blooded animals or humans to pass by, you have to attack this pest in its natural habitat and launching points. This is where a product like Ben’s Tick Fence comes in handy. 

This product is a pesticide spray formulated for treating the exterior perimeter of your lawn, yard, or exterior of your home. Ticks do have to travel to seek out carbon dioxide emissions to find a host, therefore, by spraying this product as a barrier at multiple sections throughout your lawn, you are ensuring that the pests are forced to cross through the chemicals at some point. 

The product has a 0.5% permethrin concentration. This chemical is classed inside of the family of pesticides known as pyrethroids, which are strong enough to destroy the central nervous systems of pests, leading to death, but generally safe enough to only cause mild reactions if accidentally inhaled or absorbed by humans and most pets. 

This product comes ready to spray, meaning you do not have to mix anything nor do you need your own sprayer to administer the product. The product comes with an electric pump wand, so you do not have to worry about manually pumping the product. 

Spraying a barrier around the fence in my backyard.

How Does This Product Work?

The permethrin in Ben’s Tick Fence works by attacking the nervous system of ticks, which causes convulsions in the pest, paralysis, and eventually death. Permethrin has this effect on nearly all insects and arachnids. Even pests that have successfully developed a resistance to pyrethroids will still be stunned and repelled by the chemical even if it doesn’t outright kill the pests. 

The main aspect of the product that speaks to its effectiveness is how it works by creating a barrier that becomes unavoidable for ticks. The goal of any residual product is to ensure the product sticks to a surface and can last for days and weeks to kill the pests as they cross through it. 

The goal of any residual is to force a pest to cross through the product, and you can ensure this happens by placing a barrier of the chemical around parts of your lawn or home that the pests will need to cross through. 

For Ben’s Tick Fence, it is suggested to create 6-10 feet long bands of the product around areas that you want to keep protected. 

To achieve this, simply spray the product in a circle or a box in 6 to 10 feet increments. For best results, create these bands in both areas you want to protect and common areas where ticks are known to live and hide. 

Create a band of the product around your front and back porch or wherever your family spends most of your time outdoors. Be sure and target areas of your lawn where ticks are known to live – any areas outdoors that receive lots of shade during the day. Create bands around bushes and leafy trees, stone walls, and anywhere you notice mice or chipmunk activity. As a secondary measure, also ensure your grass is consistently mowed short and that you keep any wood piles and clutter away from the house. 

Over a period of days and weeks, all ticks that cross through the product will die. 

Where Can You Use It?

Due to the product’s potency, Ben’s Tick Fence is labeled to be used outdoors only. There are too many potential risks involved in using the product indoors. 

You can use the product in your lawn or garden, around entrances to your home, or in an area where dogs frequently play. This product can be used at campsites, playgrounds, practically anywhere outdoors where you can create a barrier to kill and repel ticks. 

Keep in mind that this product shouldn’t be used if you have outdoor cats or indoor cats that go outdoors occasionally. Cats have a harder time processing reactions to permethrin than dogs, and the side effects of the chemical on cats are much more severe. 

If you want to maximize the most efficiency out of the product, be sure to use it primarily on areas where ticks are known to live, such as shady patches of land with grass and bushes, rather than coating your entire lawn.

How Often Should I Apply Ben’s Tick Fence?

Ben’s Tick Fence has a strong residual efficacy, and you can typically get about 4-6 weeks out of the residual effect of the product. 

For best results, the product needs about 24-48 hours to firmly bond to the surface to which it has been applied. Therefore, it is best not to apply the product if it has rained within the last day or two or if rain is expected within the next day or two.

Once you have applied the product, it is best to reapply to the same areas one month later, and you should ensure that the bands are not disturbed for about 2-3 days. Also, keep in mind that the permethrin will be active for an entire month once it has been applied. Make sure you keep an eye on dogs or small children that play outdoors in these areas.  

One bottle of Ben’s Tick Fence can treat up to 750 to 1,000 feet of area, so be sure to measure all the areas you apply the product to ensure you will have enough product to cover all of the areas you want to cover. 

Does Ben’s Tick Fence Work?

Ben’s Tick Fence is one of few products that attack ticks through the tried and true application process of residual killing. Residuals are one of the best ways to treat any type of elusive pest, and as long as the label instructions are followed, and the main chemical is strong enough to kill the intended pest, results are almost always sure to come. 

Permethrin is a heavily studied and widely used pesticide. For ticks, it is one of the top recommended pesticides to use based on its ability to attack the nervous system of ticks completely, and still maintain at least low toxicity in regards to some household pets and humans. 

Based on the powerful efficacy of the chemical, and the application process of creating bands and barriers by which ticks are forced to cross into the product at some point over a 4-week period, Ben’s Tick Fence is certainly an effective product for killing and repelling ticks before they can attach to pets and people and enter the home. In addition, the ready-to-spray product is incredibly easy for those who do not want to be mixing concentrated chemicals and the spray wand is exceptionally powerful – much more so than your typical Round-Up style battery wand sprayer.

Ben's Tick Fence Tick Control Spray, 1 Gallon (Pack of 2)
  • Includes 2 bottles of Tick Fence Spray
  • Provides a perimeter of outdoor protection against ticks
  • Battery powered wand allows for easy application

Final Thoughts

In summary, is Ben’s Tick Fence worth it? Yes, this product is an effective tool to use for treating and preventing ticks. These pests carry many diseases, some of which can be debilitating and even fatal for humans, therefore, a smart and effective product is crucial for killing the pests in their natural habitat. 

This product is generally safe but should be avoided by cats. The 4-week long residual is also a great selling point. 

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