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Bug Lord Founder, Wesley Wheeler

From step-by-step guides and hands-on reviews to industry trends and analysis, everything we do is backed by scientific and fact-based approaches. Because of our attention to quality, Bug Lord is the #1 DIY pest and bug control resource.

Our team of writers includes professional pest control technicians, experienced homeowners, and scholars with advanced degrees in biology and entomology. We compile everyone’s experience and knowledge into giving you the best pest control information on the internet.

By following our DIY guides, you will see the same (if not better) results that a professional pest control service can provide and at a fraction of the cost.

I want to empower the homeowner to feel confident tackling any pest problem they have. Not just in an effective manner, but by using the safest, cleanest, and greenest methods possible while still seeing world-class results.

Wesley “The Bug Lord” Wheeler

All of the writers on Bug Lord have either years of experience in the pest control industry or advanced degrees in natural sciences that allow them to offer expert insights.

If it’s coming from Bug Lord, it’s backed up by scientific research from the entomology community. Information you can count on.