6 Tick Borne Diseases and How To Prevent Them [Infographic]

The number of US counties with blacklegged ticks, known as being responsible for most Lyme Disease cases, has more than doubled over the last twenty years. The northeast corridor of the US is no longer the only “hotbed” for blacklegged tick action.

And to make matters even worse, Lyme Disease is no longer the only threat. New diseases are being discovered from a variety of tick species throughout the US and Canada, and the confirmed cases are growing exponentially. In fact, there are cases where people obtain multiple diseases from a single tick bite.

In this infographic, we visually explain the geographical distribution of tick diseases in the United States, what type of ticks carry deadly diseases, and what you can do to prevent a bite.

Infographic: Tick Borne Diseases

Types of ticks infographic

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